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Jonathan Hadley
Let's go home to 1990.

Mario's flavor of Chip Wave music takes me back to my childhood on one hand, and takes me on a whole new adventure on the other. Mario has this strange ability to cram a ton of content and excitement into a 16-bit sound that really helps you remember and appreciate 8-bit graphics. The different flavors he adds to his music are always fun, there's a little bit of an Asian tone, a little bit of a pirate adventure, dramatic passages that build tension. I vividly remember Nintendo and if Mario had written the music for most of my games, I may have played them more. Mario takes the chip wave genre to a whole new stratosphere and I'm always looking forward to his next release. Synthetic Empathy has proven to be one of my favorites and manages to find its way into most of my personal playlists.

A Synth Master Rises with Triumph in His Hand

It has been difficult to describe in words the feelings that come to me when I hear the music of Mario Marino. That's mostly because the socials don't allow enough characters. I often use the word 'triumphant' as many others do. But read on, if you will, and I will be able, for the first time, to expound upon what I mean by 'triumphant'. I was first introduced to Mario's music through his 2023 album, 16 Bit Retro Fix. Now, I grew up with the Super Nintendo and games of that era and had a deep connection with the music that emanated from my television as I played, so I figured that I needed to give this album a good listen. So I did and found that Mario had indeed captured the style of the era's game music in such a manner that it was both new and fresh and yet immediately familiar. The progressions and melodies were all stories within themselves - no words were necessary to convey the emotional center of each composition. It spoke to me without words. Since then, I've come to enjoy Mario's synth-based compositions. Often couched in sci-fi themes, these songs are no less emotive and narrative than any lyrical music. Just look at the song title, start the music and close your eyes. You will be transported to strange worlds, exciting situations and interesting characters -all without words. Thanks to Mario, I've battled the hive mind along with an errant sentient cyborg. I've flown covertly in attack craft through darkened skies. I've traveled into the depths of the cosmos and felt the universe around me become old, cold and estranged. Heck, I've even gambled against the big rollers with the stakes higher than I could have imagined. This all sounds fanciful, and until you've experienced this music, you'll never understand. But once you do, you'll know exactly what I mean. The bass is deep, the synth leads soar and swirl, and the musical choices in every piece are perfectly complimentary to the whole. What incredible talent! And a great guy to boot: Mario always has a friendly and kind word for those around him. Talent and kindness - those are two things that don't always walk hand-in-hand, but with Mario you get a whole package of triumph. Go be triumphant yourself and give Mario's music a listen.

Only the Host (John)
A brand new Nostalgia?

Every time I hear a song by Mario I'm brought back to the most influential music of my life. The endless hours of killer 8 and 16 bit music that was the soundtrack of my life before I ever picked up a guitar. Mario doesn't sound like any game I've heard, it's that his music captures a feeling I used to get. It's often feels like my life is part of the story when Mario's music comes on. Certified Crispy!

James Slattery
Chip Wave At It's Finest

Triumphant, Tron-like, Catchy as Hell, and Game Soundtrack Worthy - these are all things I have said while describing Mario "Boss Mode" Marino's music. Excellent use of synthesizers to create a driving digital atmosphere that makes me want to get in a Light Cycle. Let Mario take you on a journey through the matrix with his music. It's also makes for a perfect soundtrack when doing computer work!

De Le Greed

Mario's music has the ability to transport me to a time and place I wish I existed in. Cruising in my Lambo going 180 mph on the highway with a hot women friend by my side, the moon as the back drop glowing orangish red. Just wait for those drums to drop.

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Mario Marino

Mario Marino


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Mario Marino

Mario is a multi instrumentalist who brings a unique flavour of Energy and Triumph to his music. His cross culture journey through life started in his early 20s, when he relocated to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from Adelaide, South Australia. This adventure came with Challenges and Triumphs, all of which have heavily influenced his unique style of "Chip Wave" and "Synth Wave" Music. Fascinated with the beautiful yet dissonant chord progressions found in the East, Mario uses his perfect pitch to craft electronic instrumentals that are aimed to stir emotions while telling a story.

Mario is also an avid e-sports and video game player, frequently participating in ranked play for big name titles like "Call of Duty", "Battlefield", and "Counter Strike". This is juxtaposed with his love of retro tech, owning a large collection of hardware and software that spans from the late 70s through to current day. This blend of Old and New features heavily in Mario's Music, often referred to as "Retro Futurist" - blending High and Low fi elements into mix and composition.

Additional influence in Mario's music comes from the instruments he has learnt in his journey from West to East, including; Accordion, Didgeridoo, Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Kalimba, Harmonica, Djembe, Cajun, Saw-u, Chinese Flute, Harmonium, Kompang and Rebab.

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