Only the Host: The Musical Evolution of John Woodson

From the creative mind of musician John Woodson, Only the Host has emerged as more than just music. It stands as a symbol of passion for indie music, evolving from a solo project into an expansive indie music platform.

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Experience the unique soundscapes I've created across all major music platforms:

Spotlight Moments:

  • Over 80 hour of indie tunes played on our live stream
  • Crispy
  • Disco Chicken
  • Hashtag
  • Nose Pivot
  • Animations being added to the stream
  • Community support has been overwhelming, from donations to sponsorships.

Collaborations & Side Projects:
Proudly collaborated on CIA with Tracy Cloud, James Slattery, Josh Coker, and the incredibly talented Uncle Funkbeard. The project offers animations, storylines, merch, and an upcoming podcast. Dive into our sound: CIAudio.

A community-driven initiative witnessed over 20 artists coming together to pay tribute to Nirvana. Experience it here.

The journey wouldn't be the same without the backstage heroes like Below Carbon and Mario Marino.

Brian Lambert's partnership has been instrumental, as evidenced in the music video for Wild. It was my chance to be a director for someone else's music, and it was something I'd always dreamt I would do.

SaturdayMorning Cartoons

Sonic Squirrel Studios and I have teamed up for 'Tunes Over Toons', a quirky take on Saturday morning cartoons that included musical entires from the community.


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Dive into a world where indie music thrives and resonates. Welcome to Only the Host.

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