Nirvana Cover Compilation: Project Overview

Nirvana Cover Compilation: Project Overview

Hello wonderful collaborators!

Welcome to our community project: A tribute to Nirvana, brought to life by indie artists from our community. Here's a quick overview of where we stand, who's working on what, and our collective vision.

Purpose:  To help you quickly get up to speed and visualize the collective effort.

The Songs & Artists (So Far):

  1. Come as You Are:

    • Uncle Funkbeard
    • Only the Host
    • Tracy Cloud
  2. Breed:

    • Brian Lambert
    • Quizboy
    • Marc Schuster
  3. In Bloom:

    • Only the Host
    • John Serrano
    • Brian Lambert
  4. Something in the Way:

    • Only the Host
    • Below Carbon
    • Brian Lambert
    • Uncle Funkbeard
  5. Lithium:

    • Only the Host
    • Scoopski
  6. Blew:

    • Trench Gun
    • Lewis Tivey
  7. Man Who Sold the World:

    • Cosmic Bos
  8. All Apologize:

    • Time. Space. Repeat.
  9. You Know You're Right:

    • jj Love Grove
    • Minus Cube
  10. Heart Shaped Box:

    • Lewis Tivey
    • Only the Host
  11. Love Buzz:

    • Song Dispenser
  12. Where did you sleep last night:

    • Kiffie
    • Only the Host
  13. Smells Like Teen Spirit:

    • Mario Marino
  14. Plateau 

    • Greed

Current Status:

  • Reaching out to more people
  • finalized the list of songs and the artists covering them.
  • Initial track recordings are in progress.
  • Mixing and mastering details to follow soon.

Collaboration Roadmap:

  1. Share Ideas: If you have a fresh take or an innovative idea for your cover, share it with the group! Let's inspire each other.
  2. Review: Periodic checks to ensure consistency in sound quality, and maybe a shared platform to upload and compare our renditions.
  3. Feedback Loop: Constructive critiques are welcome. We're all here to learn and produce the best tribute possible.
  4. Final Compilation: Once all tracks are complete, we'll stitch them into one epic compilation.
  5. Promotion: Joint promotional activities to make our collective effort shine.

Final Thoughts:

Remember, this is a celebration of Nirvana's music through our unique lenses. Let's make it memorable, collaborative, and most importantly, fun!

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