Bands External Links

Here you will find all external links from some of the most fantastic bands of the Indie world. Explore and enjoy their music in the platform of your choice.

  • Mario Marino

    Style: Electronic

  • Hotter Than December

    Style: Synthwave

  • Uncle Funkbeard

    Style: House Funk

  • Quizboy

    Style: Grunge

  • Chronic Ion

    Style: Electronic, Synthwave

  • Jim Slatts and Josh Coker

    Style: progressive, rock, funk

  • Tonal Drift

    Style: Cinematic Ambient

  • Western Jaguar

    Style: Sad Boy Indie Rock

  • Only The Host

    Style: Alternative Rock

  • Below Carbon

    Style: Alternative Metal

  • Cobey Rokes

    Style: Instrumental / Orchestral / Soundtrack

  • DugDogFX

    Style: Classic House / EDM /Electro

  • Broken Nomads/ Chemical Shift solo project

    Style: Electronic downtempo, ambient.

  • Blue Scarr

    Style: Commercial Dance and EDM

  • Above the Snow Line

    Style: Post-Goth , Newer Wave, Alternative, Post-Punk

  • Time. Space. Repeat.

    Style: Shoegaze / Post Rock

  • Prime Birds

    Style: Rock

  • Dichroma

    Style: Alt-metal with gothic and Industrial flavours

  • Bigbaldben

    Style: Grunge rock / metal

  • Jim France

    Style: Indie/Alternative

  • Mississippi Smith

    Style: Eclectic

  • Jack Mystery

    Style: Indie rock

  • This Is the Sea

    Style: Indie/Alternative/Folk